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It's Easy to Swamie!

Once you've Swamied your phone, you’ll have taken the first step to never losing or dropping it again.

1. Attach Swamie to your phone

Insert the fabric tab through the charging port or wrap the silicone strap around the phone. Then connect the retractable Swamie clip to the metal ring or silicone tab.

2. Secure Swamie to your garment, bag, or other gear

Secure the stationary clip to a loop or anchor inside of your pocket or bag.  

3. Enjoy worry-free time outdoors

You'll enjoy deeper connection with your surroundings knowing your phone is safe and accessible.

Still confused? We're always looking for ways to make Swamie easier to use. Drop us a line and a friendly Swamie guide will help get you set up.

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