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You should feel free to explore nature.

If you’re like us, you hate the mini panic attack you have every time you check to see if your phone is still in your pocket or bag. You bring it along because it lets you take photos and call for help– but you'd prefer not to worry about losing or breaking it.

Adventure is more fun when you leave worries behind.

We know how important it is to stay safe and connected while exploring nature. Unfortunately, your phone is always one drop away from you being stranded and out hundreds of dollars. That's why we spent years developing a better kind of phone protector.

Created by a pair of outdoor enthusiasts, Swamie's innovative, retracting design protects your phone by keeping it attached to your body or bag. It's also lightweight and discreet– so it won't cramp your comfort or style.

We are committed to keeping you safely connected– so you can stop feeling for your phone, and start feeling more connected to nature.

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Fishing gearTaking a selfieSafe skiing with SwamieMaking a phone call while campingKeeping the phone out of the lake while fishing Swamie attached to backpackA protected phone while biking Walking the dog with Swamie

Our Goal

We dream of a world where ALL people can explore the outdoors worry-free. Not thinking about losing your phone is part of this vision. Feeling safe and included is another part.

That's why a portion of Swamie's proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting camp experiences for under-resourced youth who would otherwise not have access to outdoor activities and adventures.  

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