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Why the name Swamie?

A swami belt is a simple, belt-only harness used in the climbing industry, primarily before commercially available harnesses were on the market. The primitive belts were created by wrapping rope or webbing around the waistline and securing the ends. Swami belt saved lives of the courageous rock climbers, and now Swamie saves phones every day!

Does Swamie come in other color combinations?

Additional colors and materials are planned for future models of Swamie. During this test phase, we’d love to hear your suggestions!  Please send us your feedback by emailing michele@swamie.co or use the contact form.

What's with the shark and llama stickers on Swamie?

Thanks for asking! Two important reasons: (1) the Shark model represents a shorter, stronger wire reel, whereas the Llama model has a bit longer and lighter tension holding your valuable items. (2) We attached a sticker to show the possibilities around personalizing Swamie and/or adding a company logo via a sticker or stamping. Let us know your preference when you complete the survey or reach out at michele@swamie.co to provide feedback.

What do I do if Swamie breaks?

Please reach out!  It is not unexpected to have some durability issues in this early stage; it helps us get better if you tell us about your experience. We will happily replace your Swamie kit with a new one so please reach out at michele@swamie.co.

Can I purchase a Swamie kit?

Not yet, but soon! Complete the survey, contact form and/or email michele@swamie.co. Let us know you’d like to be added to our notification list and you will be informed as soon as Swamie is available for purchase.