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Never lose your phone.

With Swamie™, you can stop feeling for your phone and start feeling more connected to the outdoors.

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We know what it's like when a waterfall selfie turns into a downstream disaster

Designed by a pair of outdoor enthusiasts, Swamie's innovative, retracting design protects your phone by keeping it attached to your garments or gear.

Why Swamie?

Explore worry-free with Swamie

This should be a wide image with a phone on the left, a swamie in the middle, attaching the phone to a piece of gear on the right
Swamie attached to an iPhone

Your phone should make exploring nature more comfortable.

Your smartphone lets you take pictures, find your way, and even call for help if you are injured or lost. Unfortunately, an unzipped jacket pocket or an unsteady hand can lead to a shattered screen or a phone in the drink. You may be safe, but up the creek in phone repair costs or replacement.  

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My work requires that I regularly walk a 20 acre farm property and, until I found the Swamie, my phone could likely end up on any one of those 20 acres, forgotten or lost.  Now I can work, have my hands free, and not worry about losing my phone.

Jeanne, Hidden River Events, Asheville NC

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We need awesome people (like you!) to help us test Swamie. Get your FREE Swamie and we'll even cover the cost of shipping. It's really won't cost you anything.

Once you've had your Swamie for 30 days, we'll reach out with a brief survey. Your input helps us save more people from worrying about their phones while exploring and having fun.

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